The interdisciplinary approach and the science of the brain are successfully wedded. Globally, neuroscience is expanding and offering substantial advances and versatile applications within various domains affirming the worthiness of its investments; however, nationally, a similar engagement with the field is not evident. This study proposes the integrative research cloud model as a framework for interdisciplinary engagement. The American University in Cairo (AUC) is known for its forward-looking strategy and belief in interdisciplinarity that is why it was chosen as the setting for this study. Accordingly, the opinions and perspectives of its faculty from the different schools and departments on the new emerging science were explored using survey research. Also, their familiarity with the field, their attitudes towards collaboration, their beliefs of the field’s relevance to their domains, and their willingness to be part of interdisciplinary brain research were all examined. Biphasic data analysis was carried out where quantitative data was analyzed descriptively and inferentially, and then qualitative data was thematically coded and studied yielding six major themes. The survey response rate was almost 30%, and nearly half of the respondents were familiar with the field. Despite the challenges, faculty were interested and willing to engage with interdisciplinary brain research, and they believed it is a timely endeavor that is worth the investment. They also trusted that AUC could be the national and regional champion in this field, and hoped to realize such engagement in the near future.


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Spring 5-25-2021

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