In this thesis, we consider the problem of smart meter networks with data collection to a central point within acceptable delay and least consumed energy. In smart metering applications, transferring and collecting data within delay constraints is crucial. IoT devices are usually resource-constrained and need reliable and energy-efficient routing protocol. Furthermore, meters deployed in lossy networks often lead to packet loss and congestion. In smart grid communication, low latency and low energy consumption are usually the main system targets. Considering these constraints, we propose an enhancement in RPL to ensure link reliability and low latency. The proposed new additive composite metric is Delay-Aware RPL (DA-RPL). Moreover, we propose a repeaters’ placement algorithm to meet the latency requirements. The performance of a realistic RF network is simulated and evaluated. On top of the routing solution, new asynchronous ordered transmission algorithms of UDP data packets are proposed to further enhance the overall network latency performance and mitigate the whole system congestion and interference. Experimental results show that the performance of DA-RPL is promising in terms of end-to-end delay and energy consumption. Furthermore, the ordered asynchronous transmission of data packets resulted in significant latency reduction using just a single routing metric.


Electronics & Communications Engineering Department

Degree Name

MS in Electronics & Communication Engineering

Graduation Date

Spring 2-14-2021

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First Advisor

Karim Seddik

Second Advisor

Ayman Elezabi

Committee Member 1

Tamer ElBatt

Committee Member 2

Ayman Hassan


73 p.

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Master's Thesis

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