Networked control systems, NCS, consist of smart nodes: sensors, actuators, and controllers. The use of such smart nodes is essential in smart factories to be able to with deal with Industry 4.0. NCS are widely implemented in lots of critical industrial applications. A main advantage of NCS is the abundant bandwidth. This research presents NCS that utilizes switched Ethernet with 16 sensing nodes, 4 actuation nodes & a smart controller. The model also consists of a smart sensor that has an embedded video controller and its actuator. The smart sensor processes the video captured by the onboard camera and the entrenched controller. The study added fault tolerant on the system where the sensor‘s embedded controller acted as a spare controller to the system‘s main and a performability analysis was studied. This system was simulated on Riverbed and various scenarios were tested in the presence and absence of noise. Simulations clearly indicated zero packet loss and no over-delayed packets. The noise in this research was an FTP file being exchanged between the noise node and the main controller. Later in the research, a modification on the system was done and an FPGA was utilized in the system. Making use of its Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration feature where some failures are being repaired without system interruption. In addition to DPR, FPGAs are powerful chips and are used progressively in industry. The modified model includes image storing feature and fault tolerant methods to increase the system‘s reliability and lifetime. In addition to the mentioned features, the new system guarantees less traffic on the network in all cases in comparison to the previous model. Markov Models were developed for both systems and simulated using SHARPE package. A case study was presented to compare both systems in terms of reliability; results indicated that the modified system is more reliable.


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MS in Electronics & Communication Engineering

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Fall 9-2-2019

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Amer, Hassanein

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Ragaai, Hany

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AbdelAzim, Sherif

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Master's Thesis


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