This paper demonstrates the correlation between compensations and employees’ satisfaction in the public sector. It tries to answer whether financial compensation is the most important factor in job satisfaction and determine the other factors attracting employees to work in the public sector job. The research objective attempts to provide an addition to the existing scholars through examining the Egyptian public sector as well as enhancing the validity and reliability of the existing research. This study is using quantitative data in order through collecting questionnaires to analyze which types of compensations affect employees’ satisfaction in the public sector. The research study used three tests to measure the correlation between job satisfaction and compensations. These are the Chi-square test, Spearman correlation, and Ordinal Logistics Regression. The results of the study reveal a correlation between the dependent variable which is job satisfaction and the independent variables which are income level, the satisfaction of take-home pay, work status, and steady employment, while the results rejected the impact of working hours and leave policies on job satisfaction.


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MA in Public Administration

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Spring 5-23-2020

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May 2020

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Bhuiyan, Shahjahan

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Kaye-Essien, Charles

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Master's Thesis

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This thesis is dedicated to my mother’s soul, Mrs. Safaa Attia Mahmoud. I owe you my deepest gratitude for all the support, care, motivation, and love that you have provided me. You are the main reason for every achievement I have done. I owe you sincere gratefulness for all the good memories and happiest moments that we have made together and truly wish to meet you again in a better place. I love you and miss you very much, mom. Dr. Shahjahan Bhuiyan, I truly want to express my sincere gratitude for your continuous support and guidance during my thesis study. Your patience, guidance, and immense knowledge were a great source of support to write this thesis. I am truly lucky to have the chance to do my thesis under your supervision. I would also love to thank the rest of my thesis committee readers, Dr. Charles Kaye-Essien and Dr. Rana Hendy for their invaluable comments and guidance, and their insights to widen my research perspective. Finally, I acknowledge the people who mean a lot to me, my father, Mr. Hamdi El Tahawy, for all the efforts that he has done to make me and sisters able to get a good quality of education and finish my master’s degree. I owe him a big thank you for all the effort that he has made to let us reach this stage. I owe a special thanks to my special person, my husband, Ramadan Moussa for his support and care during my pursuit of a master's degree. He never lets me down and he is always around to support me at all times. I love you and thank you very much. Special thanks to my amazing sisters, Manal, Mayada, and Merhan, and my little doll Ella. I cannot say thank you enough for being in my life and for being my greatest support, love, and care. You are my blessing.