Mostafa Adel


A standardized project management approach across the entire organization is one of the business models adopted by non-profits that contributes to a more efficient and effective project delivery and achieving the organizations’ goals and objectives. Lack of a standardized project management approach might result in project failure and losing the skills and knowledge gained from previous projects, which significantly harms the organizational efforts to have institutional memory that allows implementing these skills and knowledge in future projects. A project management office is the key to mainstream the standardized project management methodology across non-profits. This research aims at investigating the impacts of adopting project management offices within the context of non-profits in Egypt. This study employed a qualitative approach to research through a case study methodology by interviewing key informants of two non-profits in Egypt; one national and one international, which are already implementing a project management office. The key findings of the research suggested that the two organizations under study operate in a very similar way, in terms of challenges faced by the two organizations, adopting business-like models, tendency to diversify their income generating activities and finally, adopting a project management office. The study concludes that the project management offices are the catalyst of change for non-profits to mainstream a standardized project management approach and mainstream strategies across organizations. Also, a standardized project management approach allows non-profits to implement a time-tested and results-oriented methodology of project management. Based on the lessons learned from the case studies, recommendations for non-profits are presented to guide non-profits’ executives, project management office directors, and non-profits’ staff members while implementing the PMO.


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MA in Public Administration

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February 2018

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El-Baradei, Laila

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Abdel Halim, Khaled

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Barsoum, Ghada


124 p.

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Master's Thesis


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This shall always be a gentle reminder that sky is the limit. My academic journey started on February 2, 2015, and it is coming to its end on February 4, 2018, exactly 3 hectic-yet enjoyable-years. Completing two master’s degrees from two reputable and globally renowned universities in three consecutive years has never occurred to me. Actually, the fact that I was awarded two scholarships to obtain my master’s degree has been a dream that was too far to be achieved, yet it was achieved eventually. I will always be grateful for the Yousef Jameel public leadership fellowship for sponsoring me during my studies at AUC. I did everything I can to complete my degree in two years, instead of two years and a half and I am glad that my effort is paying off. My goal was to graduate from AUC with high honors, and I am literally over the moon to see it happening. Over the course of my three-year journey, my social life was severely compromised. My focus was only on my professional and academic life. Hence, I intend to restore my work-life balance upon completing this degree. Many variables were introduced in my life during this period, yet there was only one constant, which happened to be you. I appreciate your support and your belief in me and my capabilities all along the way. My family has been the greatest family ever by having their ultimate support, despite the fact that they are irritated by my career-shift decision. Yet, they never failed to be there for me. I would like to thank Dr. Shahjahan Buhaiyan, Dr. Ghada Barsoum and Dr. Khaled Abd El-Halim for their belief in me. Special thanks to Dr. Laila for her support and invaluable guidance as my supervisor. To everyone who believed in me, everyone who supported me, everyone who was there for me, Thank you