Cognitive radio is one of the most promising techniques to efficiently utilize the radio frequency (RF) spectrum. As the Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld (DVB-H) band is targeted (470-862 MHz), the size of the antenna becomes challenging. Metamaterial concept is used as a miniaturization technique. Two antennas are designed, fabricated and measured. The first one achieved multiband operation by loading it with a metamaterial unit cell. These bands are controlled by engineering the dispersion relation of the unit cell. The second one, which is a 2-lumped elements loaded antenna, achieved wideband operation through the entire DVB-H band with a planar size of 5×2 cm^2. A model is proposed to explain, through simple numerical simulations and an optimization algorithm, the behavior of these component loaded antennas (which are equivalent to metamaterial inspired electrically small antennas).


Electronics & Communications Engineering Department

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MS in Electronics & Communication Engineering

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May 2013

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Darwish, Dr. Ali

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Safwat, Dr. Amr

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Ismail, Dr. Yehea


120 p.

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Master's Thesis

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Radio -- Antens.

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Wireless communication systems.


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The work in this thesis was sponsored by NTRA. The project was called: Ebling Techniques for TV Band Cognitive Radios I would like to express my deep appreciation for my supervisors, Dr. Amr Safwat and Dr. Ali Darwish for their endless support and help throughout this thesis. I would also like to acknowledge the help I had received from my friend in the Microwave Lab., Eng. Amr A. Ibrahim. Filly, I would like to thank Eng. Ola Galal for her help in wielding the lumped inductors.