Social Change and media advocacy are two related concepts. In Egypt with all the changes that are taking place on the political level, social change is needed in parallel to achieve development. Sexual harassment is an alarming phenomenon that is growing in Egypt in the last few years. Media advocacy is a tool that should be included in the strategy to combat this phenomenon as it contributes to make social change which could eliminate the phenomenon. This study reviews some of the media advocacy attempts in Egypt that targets sexual harassment. It also studies the role of the governmental organizations as well as the civil society organizations in using media advocacy for combating sexual harassment and presents recommendations to maximize their benefits from using media advocacy to solve social problems in Egypt like Sexual Harassment.


Public Policy & Administration Department

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MA in Public Policy

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January 2015

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Amin, Khalid

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Barsoum, Ghada

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Ismail, Amani


96 p.

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Master's Thesis

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Sexual harassment -- Social aspects -- 21st century -- Press coverage -- Egypt.

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Women -- Violence against -- 21st century -- Press coverage -- Egypt.


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I’d like to express my thankfulness to Dr. Khalid Amin my thesis supervisor for his support and guidance during my graduate study and during writing my thesis. His knowledge, comments and advice tremendously helped me. I also wish to thank Dr. Ghada Barsoum and Dr. Amani Ismail members of the thesis committee for reviewing this study and for being available and ready to give advice and recommendations. I am also grateful for all my professors at the AUC who helped me not only to study but to search for information and build my own knowledge, during my graduate and undergraduate studies. Special thanks to Dr. Mohamed Selim, a media scholar at the University of Osbrück, Germany who helped me take my first step into my career and gave me lifetime lessons that I will never forget. I would also want to extend my gratitude to all my friends and colleagues for without their understanding and support, it would have been very difficult to accomplish this study. Filly, want to thank all the participants in this study whose information and input enriched the study. Hope it will be of a value to their work.