Egypt has a large number of state-owned newspapers that are considered as the mouthpieces of the political power. In order to remove the state control over the content provided by these newspapers it is recommended that these newspapers undertake bold reforms. The thesis suggests their transformation to public service newspapers. It explores if Al-Ahram can be transformed into one that is practicing editorial and financial independence in addition to good governance. In order to respond to this question it compares the current situation of Al-Ahram to a suggested ideal set up, by undertaking a gap analysis. Then a SWOT analysis is taken to assess difficulties that would hinder such transformation. In order to respond to the question, the thesis uses qualitative research techniques. The thesis finds that four years after the January revolution, Al-Ahram is few steps nearer to a be a Public Service newspaper. It is back to be the most read newspaper across the country. The wage inequality decreased and accountability of top management improved. The study explores how these reforms were realized. It also explores why Al-Ahram is still seen as “the mouthpiece" of the regime. The thesis is contributing to the literature by describing post-revolution patterns of state-control over national newspapers. How the State still enjoys the loyalty of state owned newspapers, despite the disappearance of a number of formal structures of control that existed prior to 2011. At the end, the thesis finds that there is an opportunity to consolidate reforms of the internal governance and the financial situation. Yet, there is a lack of ownership among different stakeholders regarding an editorial reform that guarantees pluralism and diversity and respond to citizens' needs and voice them to officials.


Public Policy & Administration Department

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MA in Public Policy

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January 2015

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Amin, Khaled Zakaria

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El Baradei, Laila

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Shukrallah, Hani


82 p.

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Master's Thesis

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Al-Ahram Press (Cairo, Egypt)

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Arabic newspapers -- Egypt -- Cairo.


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