Yomna Sallam


This study is based on feminist theory. It uses critical textual analysis and ethnography-inspired in-depth interviews to examine the influence of Hekayat Banat on women’s expectations and perceptions of ideal couples and gender roles. The textual analysis examines seven series episodes and the title song. Results from the textual analysis suggest that the serial offered several themes that serve as advice for women, including: friendship is important in supporting one’s daily life; women should be strong and self-confident in order to eliminate being the property or under the control of men; women must find and keep men; communication and forgiveness are important in any relationship; life goes on no matter how deep our sad memories are seated inside us; and women’s control over body weight keeps men and improves the image of Egyptian women. The in-depth interviews were carried out with twelve Egyptian females aged 22 to 35, selected through a purposive sample. I stayed with each interviewee while watching each of the thirty episodes and observed her comments, reactions, and feelings towards the scenes. The in-depth interviews' discussion suggests that women watch drama serials in order to learn from others’ experiences and to receive a certain dose of romanticism. Hekayat Banat has an influence on women’s romantic expectation, but does not have an influence on women’s perceptions of ideal couples and gender roles. Viewers often discussed drama serials when they feel the serials are related to them, when they need more understanding on certain ideas, or when there is something they want to share with their female friends. Women wish to achieve more understanding of their situation and the situation of others through discussing relationship behaviors portrayed in Hekayat Banat.


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March 2013

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Arabic drama -- Egypt -- History and criticism.

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Arabic drama -- 21st century -- History and criticism.


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