Islamistan - Visages du radicalisme: Problems of Translation and 'Back' Translation

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Abdel Megid El Mehelmy

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The Center for Translation Studies presents an interdisciplinary lecture by writer and translator Abdel Megid El Mehelmy, entitled: "Islamistan - Visages du radicalisme: Problems of Translation and 'Back' Translation". El Mehelmy talks about his experience and the various challenges he faced translating French journalist Claude Guibal's book on radical Islam into Arabic. The book offers a series of portraits about the different 'faces' of radical Islamism by drawing on a range of sources, some of which were in fact originally Arabic and translated into French. As such, El Mehelmy's lecture introduces a topic he considers of interest and importance to the Arabic reader, while raising thought-provoking questions about the role of translation.


Center for Translation Studies


Arts and Humanities

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March 2018

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