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Refai Deena


Political Science Department

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A state is like a mosaic piece, in terms of foundation and realization. A mosaic piece is founded or assembled by little glass pieces, and finally realized as a whole piece because of these little other pieces that it contains; the same concept can be applied to a state, as it is formed and founded on multiple bodies and institutions and therefore realized as an entity due to their existence. Additionally, the choice of color and the way the little glass pieces are assembled determine the beauty and value of the mosaic piece, the same case here can also be applied to the entity and existence of a state. Many years ago, during the age of Greece of Antiquity, when early discussions on what the ideal state is and what form could it take used to take place, Plato the famed philosopher came out with a set of rules in response to the previously mentioned questions. Plato concluded that “an ideal state should be run by ideal citizens, as it is the only way for a state to develop and progress and ultimately become ideal”. Moreover, for such state to become ideal, he created a well specified educational 3 program that can efficiently contribute to developing and progressing the processes of reaching an ideal state. As Plato divides the society into three classes, where, the ruling class is the Guardians and those who enforce the convictions of the guardians are the Auxiliary and the remaining ones are the Producers class, and thus it is concluded that, since the guardians are those who are in control, they are the neediest for a proper education. In the present time many of the Arab regimes are falling apart with the growing rise of public upheavals and revolutions in the region; one of such regimes was the previous Egyptian regime. Corruption has been flooding the Egyptian regime for more than thirty years due to the lack of a proper democratic and legitimate foundation. In addition, with the fall of the most detested institution of the previous regime, the infamous State Security Investigations Service (SSI) institution, the Egyptian citizens are now left deprived of one of their basic needs, which is security.


Plato, Philosophy, January 25th Revolution

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Mohamed, Soffar


POLS 302

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