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Alia Nabil Eshaq


Political Science Department

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One of the hallmarks of the Egyptian revolution was the extensive presence of different media outlets to the extent that their coverage directly affected the course of events, if not shaped them. Being a central state in the Arab world, Egypt naturally received a great attention through out the world during the revolution. The coverage of the 25 January revolution was by far more focused and extensive than that of the Tunisian revolution. Unlike the Tunisian revolution which developed gradually, the Egyptian revolution emerged since its initial stages with thousands of people marching to Tahrir Square, which is a stage that was that was only reached in the final days of the Tunisian revolution. The strong character of the Egyptian revolution and its anticipated effect on the rest of the Arab world placed Egypt in the headlines on a regional and international scale throughout the revolution period. This paper will highlight the role of al-Jazeera Arabic, the Qatar-based news channel that people around the Arab world credited for supporting the revolution. This paper will also analyze the coverage of the Saudi-owned al-Arabiya, and compare it to that of al-Jazeera. This comparison will serve as a lens to read the political stance and underlying ideologies of different Arab countries towards the revolutions in the region, specifically Qatar and Saudi Arabia.


Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya, 2011 Egyptian Revolution, Media, Tahrir Square, Arab Spring, 2011 Tunisian Revolution

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Seikaly, Sherene


HIST 356

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