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Innovation and entrepreneurship are increasingly viewed as key contributors to the creation of sustainable livelihood opportunities for youth and increased socioeconomic resilience. Mindful of this, a noticeable part of the existing literature underscores the essential role played by university-based student-led entrepreneurship clubs in widening students’ engagement in the entrepreneurship ecosystem; increasing their entrepreneurial intention; improving their interpersonal and enterprise skills, and giving them the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through practical learning. This, in turn, improves their self-employment prospects and supports them in the creation of successful future entrepreneurs and employees. Additionally, the student-led entrepreneurship clubs help students bridge the gap between academia and the labor market and prepare them for it. In light of this, the policy paper aims to understand the role of student-led clubs operating inside Egyptian public universities in enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Startups; Entrepreneurship; Human Capital Management; Decent Jobs; Egypt; Startups Challenges; Entrepreneurship Ecosystem; Incubators; Entrepreneurs; Student Activities; Public Universities


The paper is published by The Public Policy Hub - GAPP School (AUC), established in 2017:

Laila El Baradei (PI), Shahjahan Bhuiyan (Co-PI), Mohamed Kadry (Program Manager), Waleed El-Deeb (Senior Specialist), Ghadeer Ibrahim (Senior Outreach and Communications Specialist).

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Sherwat Elwan

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50 p.