Modelling the energy systems in a PV powered two floor desert ZEH

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Mechanical Engineering Department

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Research Article

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WIT Transactions on Modelling and Simulation

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The paper presents an integral computational model for the prediction of the thermal performance of a conceptual two-floor, zero energy house (ZEH) in the Arabian desert. The ZEH is powered by PV modules which shade the roof during the day time and retract at night to expose it the sky, thus enhancing night time cooling. The house boasts all modern comforts, including air-conditioning. Solar radiation models coupled with recently published ASHRAE environmental data and models are integrated with a time dependent heat conduction model to predict the heating and cooling loads, for given equipment and storage characteristics. The application of the computational model is demonstrated by employing it to predict the effect of various design parameters on performance and equipment sizing, for a typical desert site in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. © 2011 WIT Press.

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