Cilantro database and information systems for marketing

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Vision 2020: Innovation, Development Sustainability, and Economic Growth - Proceedings of the 21st International Business Information Management Association Conference, IBIMA 2013

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Traditionally coffee shops known as "ahwa" were very common in Egypt. They still exist and people go there to socialize, smoke "shisha", exchange stories and play games such as backgammon or dominos. Now newly initiated coffee shops or cafés are spreading very rapidly. Cilantro is one of those coffee shops that pioneered in introducing a modern atmosphere (Bizzari, H., 2010). A lot of other coffee shops emerged and are continuously emerging in the Egyptian market. Beshir, Cilantro's General Manager, says that, "the warmth of the people is what we try to bring to Cilantro." (Diab, O., 2009). "Warmth" has always been coupled with strong information systems at Cilantro. Decision making is supported by data mining techniques and the introduction of the easy to use tools. Data mining is used to analyze the customer purchasing behavior and to help in increasing the sales and in controlling the inventory by focusing on the point of sale transaction data. The objective of this research paper is to support the decision making in a highly competitive industry such as coffee shops in Egypt. This is done by using the data mining techniques with MS Excel. With the rise in the competition, the aggressive application of business intelligence systems and the use of database marketing and data mining techniques are inevitable. © 2013 International Business Information Management Association.

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