Internationalisation: a new positioning strategy in the higher education market

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Management Department

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International Journal of Management in Education

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Within the growing international competition among the higher education institutions, it is important to investigate the factors that influence their positioning strategies. This study investigates the students’ choice of the university focusing on the perception of the internationalisation of universities. Notice that in spite of the new trends of internationalisation in the higher education market, there are relatively few empirical studies investigating the effect of internationalisation on positioning strategies of the universities. The empirical setting for this research is Egypt which has recently liberalised higher education resulting in an increasingly competitive environment. The empirical research includes a small set of semi-structured in-depth interviews with universities’ top-level management as well as six focuses groups representing parents and prospective students. This paper could be used by higher education institutions to develop their positioning strategies as it gives a better understanding to the role of internationalisation in determining students’ choice in the higher education market. © 2010 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.

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