The value of social media in egypt's uprising and beyond

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Management Department

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Research Article

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Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries

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Social media represents the emerging driving force in political transformation and change. Its different cutting-edge platform has become invaluable for the mobilization, organization and implementation of social movements around the world. However, there is no one size that fits all. Egypt's case represents an uprising that was the result of passionate people and not of any specific social media platform. It was definitely not the social media revolution; it was the people uprising that capitalized on social media to realize a dream of a nation in providing "bread1, freedom and social justice". There is no doubt that social media boosted the people's desire for a better future, democracy, socioeconomic and political development that was for many decades put on hold by consecutive regimes. This article highlights the clash of generations between older state power and younger citizens and the role social media played in the political transformation in the build-up to Egypt's uprising in January 2011 and beyond.

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