Screenplay as scenario vehicle: Unpacking the implications of korean unification in an asian remake of "A clockwork orange"

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Public Policy & Administration Department

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Research Article

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Journal of Futures Studies

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Scenario writing is a useful research method in futures studies. Expertly informed scenarios can be used to identify, forecast and model outcomes for complex issues or situations. They have the capacity to provide awareness of potential "wild card" or "Black Swan" contingencies to issues and policy responses that would otherwise be overlooked in more conventional analyses. They also have significant influence on public attitudes when presented in literary or cinematic form. This work is focused on opening a discussion on integration policy options in Korea, but may have applications beyond strictly the Korean context. Variations on this template might be applied to responses to alienated youth be they "thugs", gang members and child-soldiers that are now and continue to be extant in other regions all over the world.

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