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The intent of this report is to provide information about and raise awareness of current educational opportunities for refugee children in Cairo. This study focuses on the administrative procedure of obtaining access to and enrolment into both public and private schools in Cairo, examining what obstacles there are to this process and exploring possible means of overcoming these obstacles. The current dearth of information on the subject of educational opportunities for refugees hinders efforts at enhancing these opportunities because without an understanding of the process of and barriers to enrolment, interventions made will either be inappropriate or insufficient. This study is a step towards making up for the paucity of information on this subject and an indication as to what further research is needed and where interventions need to be taken. The underlying presupposition of this study is that educational needs of refugee children in Egypt are not being met and that the large majority of refugee children are either not receiving any education whatsoever or are receiving an insufficient amount.1 While Egypt has placed a reservation on Article 22 (1) of the 1951 Convention, which states that refugees shall be accorded ‘the same treatment as is accorded to nationals with respect to elementary education,’ access to education for refugees is nonetheless a basic human right that must be accorded to them. To have hope for their future and for the benefit of the community in which they live whether they integrate, return to their country of origin or are resettled to a third country, education is essential.

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