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Cairo Studies on Migration and Refugees

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This study looked at the perceptions and vulnerabilities of Sudanese migrants to an influenza pandemic in Egypt. Migrants’ limited access to health and non-health public services in Egypt and the absence of a specific migrants’ component in the Egyptian National Pandemic Preparedness Plan provide indication of the vulnerability of migrants, both in terms of prevention and actual protection during a pandemic. This research project, commissioned by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and conducted by the Centre for Migration and Refugee Studies (CMRS) at the American University in Cairo, aimed to provide a situational analysis of pandemic preparedness among the Sudanese population in Greater Cairo. There is limited research and documentation of migrants’ particular needs in such events; therefore, exploring the vulnerability of Sudanese migrant populations to pandemics and learning about their individual and community-level resilience were invaluable steps to tackle pandemic preparedness from a community-based approach.

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