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Center for Migration and Refugee Studies

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Migration and Refugee Movements in the Middle East and North Africa

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This paper began as an investigation into medical services currently offered to refugees in Cairo. The ultimate goal was to update the medical section of the Refugee Yellow Pages , an on-line information resource available through the Forced Migration and Refugee Studies department at the American University in Cairo. The impetus for this project was the idea that the provision of up-to-date listings of service providers was vital to refugees’ access to social services, including health care. In the course of my research I discovered that while information does play a large role in an individual’s ability to access health care, other barriers are in place in Cairo that nearly obscure any gains that could be made through updating the Refugee Yellow Pages. This paper will investigate the responsibility for health care provision, different health services currently available to refugees in Cairo, the access barriers faced by refugees, and the question of integration. It will address specifically the differences and similarities between the experience of refugees and nationals vis-à-vis the Egyptian health system and issues of refugee health care that may be difficult to resolve. Towards the end of the paper, I will suggest a multi-faceted plan of action to provide more accurate information resources that address not only available services, but also the barriers to quality care.

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