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Center for Migration and Refugee Studies

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Migration and Refugee Movements in the Middle East and North Africa

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This report summarizes the relevant laws, policies, and practices pertaining to access to citizenship in Egypt as well as the rights of non-citizens in Egypt. The report was the outcome of CMRS’ partnership in a project implemented by the Open Society Institute covering 12 African countries with the objective of improving access to rights and justice for non-citizens in Africa. This report on Egypt was completed in May 2005. The report consists of two chapters prepared by three researchers and edited by CMRS’ research coordinator Kasia Grabska. The first chapter by Tarek Badawy and Abdallah Khalil gives the essence of the nationality law and discusses the laws pertaining to non-citizens in Egypt, with particular focus on refugees. The second chapter by Amal Abdel Hadi presents a case study of gender-discrimination as relating to the nationality law. Each of the chapters makes a set of recommendation regarding the nationality law as well as laws affecting non-citizens in Egypt.