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Heidi Zetzer, Karen White, Leticia Flores, Kim Lampson, Claire Lankford, Alisha Desai, Jennifer Schwartz, Debora Bell, Randall J. Cox, Karen Fondacaro, Jordan Weith, Holly Weldon, Jamie E. Mendoza, Yasmine Saleh, Hally Wolhandler, Azeemah Kola, Noam Newberger, Richelle Allen, Norah Chapman, Steven Kniffley, Victoria M. Atzl, Michelle Rozenman, Jill Holm-Denoma, Leah A. Grande, Laura M. River, Emily Wheat, Nina J. Anderson, Amy N. Dominguez, Jillian S. Merrick, Laura E. Santerre-Lemmon, Erica Wise, Saneya H. Tawfik, Mary Beth Heller, Kathleen Kim Lampson

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News Article

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APTC Bulletin Covid-19 Issue

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Summer 2020


In the immediate phase of the rapid shift, our role as supervisors evolved from pre-planned educators to crisis managers and mentors. While the shift was overwhelming, we found comfort through consultation and collaboration with each other to make the most of an unparalleled situation. Our interactions role-modelled effective partnership and joint decision-making. We prepared several of our classes together, and when needed, brought all of the interns together so that our message and approach would be unified. Our discussions shifted from an individual mentality to a collective one. This gave the interns an opportunity to see their supervisors discussing ethical, clinical, and survival issues.

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