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In a recent issue of Liberal Education, Rick Vaz places information technology at the core of modern liberal education when he argues that “computer literacy is an empowering and liberating skill for undergraduates, useful in virtually every discipline and profession” (Vaz, 2004) In this respect Vaz is locating at the core of the liberal education agenda the fact that it is now widely recognized by most teachers (at whatever level of instruction) that “technology” affects the way we learn and teach. Thus, “smart classrooms” (of whatever form) are no longer an added luxury in cotemporary liberal educational institutions or a generous contribution from corporate sponsors; they are the foundation on which modern pedagogy is evolving. This view is echoed by Steve Ehrmann in another contribution to Liberal Education in which he argues that a key element in enhancing learning is the ability of students and faculty to think with the technology rather than thinking about it. Ehrmann argues that “Learning involves a transition from novice to expert, and technology can in some cases enable relative novices to ask meaningful questions of their own, facilitating more active and inquiry-based learning and allowing students to navigate their way through new spaces and ideas.”