Optical modulator using ultra-thin silicon waveguide in SOI hybrid technology

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Physics Department

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Ahemd B. Ayoub, Mohamed Swillam

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Research Article

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We propose a detailed study of an on-chip optical modulator using a non-conventional silicon-based platform. This platform is based on the optimum design of ultra-thin silicon on insulator waveguide. This platform is characterized by low field confinement inside the core waveguide and high sensitivity to the cladding index. Accordingly, it lends itself to a wide range of applications, such as sensing and optical modulation. By employing this waveguide into the Mach–Zehnder interferometer configuration, an efficient optical modulator is reported using an organic polymer as an active material for the electro-optic effect. An extinction ratio of more than 20 dB is achieved with energy per bit of 13.21 fJ/bit for 0.5 V applied voltage. This studied platform shows promising and adequate performance for modulation applications. It is cheap and easy to fabricate.

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