An experimental study to develop an environmental friendly mud additive of drilling fluid using Aloe Vera

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Center for Applied Research on the Environment & Sustainability

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Monuara Bagum, Jalal M Ahammad, Tahir Husain, M. Enamul Hossain

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Research Article

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Efficient and optimistic drilling operation depends on a number of parameters and drilling fluid (DF) additives is one of them. Traditional DF mud contains toxic chemical compound that causes environmental issue, cost optimization and reservoir formation damages. Present demands of DF and future challenges have urged researchers to develop eco-friendly drilling fluid additives with minimum impact on the environment. Aloe Vera does not contain any serious toxic compound compared to others DF additives; thus it is used in various cosmetic products. The present investigation leads toward the development of a drilling mud additive using Aloe Vera. The SEM-EDX method is conducted to the elemental analysis of Aloe Vera to investigate composite in it. In this research, the four representative recipes of the DF are formed with this additive along the base material bentonite. Complete rheological tests and filtration tests of the different concentrations of mud additives are performed to investigate the feasibility of this new additive. Rheological properties and other related investigations are carried out with different sizes of the sample particle and mud preparation formula. A comparative study is performed along with other additives with respect to rheological, environmental and economic benefit. This present investigation suggests Aloe Vera can be used as a potential DF additive that is environmental friendly instead of toxic chemicals. The investigation confirms the benefit of this new additive, which is environmental friendly. All the drilling purposes including hydrocarbon industries and mining companies can benefited from this newly developed DF additive.

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