Upsilon measurements in the STAR experiment

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A. M. Hamed

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Research Article

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arXiv preprint arXiv:1005.4100.

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The Υ(1S+2S+3S)→e+e− cross section is measured at mid-rapidity (y) in p+p collisions and in d+Au collisions at center-of-mass energy s√ = 200 GeV with the STAR detector at RHIC. In p+p, the measured cross section is found to be consistent with the world data trend as a function of s√, in agreement with the Color Evaportaion Model (CEM), and underestimated by the Color Singlet Model (CSM) up to the Next-to-Leading-Order Quantum Chromodynamics (NLO QCD) calculations. In d+Au, the measured cross section is in agreement with the CEM prediction with anti-shadowing effects, and the nuclear modification factor indicates that Υ(1S+2S+3S) production follows binary scaling within the current uncertainties. These measurements provide a benchmark for the future measurements of Υ production in Au+Au collisions.

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