The value of using popular music and performers on brand and message recall in television advertising jingles

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Journalism & Mass Communication Department

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Ahmed Taher, Heba Y. el Badway

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Research Article

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Journal of Media Business Studies

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This study offers insights into two critical decisions in jingle-based advertising. How much more could the producer pay to buy the rights to popular music to add to advertising jingles? And how much more could they pay a popular performer to sing the jingle? Will doing so enhance the brand or message recall to justify the investment? Based on 300 interviews that measured unaided and aided day-after recall of five jingle ads concurrently aired on television, popular music and performers increased unaided and aided recall of brand name and ad message. Compared to the base case, a popular performer can increase the brand and message recall by two-and-half folds, and a popular performer and popular music can increase the brand and message recall by six-folds compared to the base case.

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