Elucidating the Effects of Combined Treatments of Salicylic Acid and l-Proline on Greenhouse-Grown Cucumber Under Saline Drip Irrigation

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Center for Applied Research on the Environment & Sustainability

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Muziri Mugwanya, Fahad Kimera, Mahmoud Dawood, Hani Sewilam

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Research Article

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Salinity is one of the major abiotic stress factors that threaten crop development and sustainable food production. As a mitigation strategy, several plant growth regulators and osmoprotectants have been applied to ameliorate the negative effects of salinity stress in plants. Therefore, the current study aimed to investigate the effect of foliar applications of different concentrations of salicylic acid and proline on the growth, yield, fruit quality, and nutritional composition of cucumber crops grown under saline conditions. The three main irrigation salinity variations included electrical conductivity (EC) of 0.5 dS/m (control), EC 6.0 dS/m, and EC 12.0 dS/m. Foliar spray treatments were as follows: T1 (distilled water), T2 (1.0 mM salicylic acid), T3 (1.0 mM salicylic acid + 5.0 mM proline), and T4 (1.0 mM salicylic acid + 10 mM proline). Our results showed that foliar application of salicylic acid alone or in combination with proline under non-saline conditions improved the growth and yield of cucumber, with T4 recording the highest values. Irrigating plants with saline water (EC 6.0 and 12.0 dS/m) severely compromised cucumber's growth performance and yield, with the lowest values recorded at EC 12.0 dS/m. However, under EC 6.0 dS/m, T2 and T3 slightly ameliorated salinity stress effects regarding fruit yield, for T2, and nutritive composition of fruits, for T2 and T3. Overall, this study demonstrated that cucumber (Cucumis sativa L.) could tolerate irrigation salinity levels of up to EC 6.0 dS/m without significant detrimental effects on the growth performance, yield, and nutritional composition of fruits.

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