Resource Orchestration Process in the Limited-Resource Environment: The Social Bricolage Perspective

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Management Department

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Seham Ghalwash, Ayman Ismail

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Research Article

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Journal of Social Entrepreneurship

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The process of resource mobilisation is fundamental in the creation of social value. However, the evidence that examines the approaches used by social entrepreneurs to mobilise critical resources in an environment with poor resources is limited. This study empirically explores social bricolage in the new research context of developing countries, building on the notion of ‘social bricolage’). This abductive, multiple-case study adopts the qualitative methodological approach, using empirical data on five social enterprises in Egypt through in-depth interviews with industry experts, social entrepreneurs, and other management teams. Our study advances scholarly understanding of social bricolage by examining resource mobilisation processes over time in the resource-scarce context of developing countries. Our analysis traces the six social bricolage constructs: making do, refusal to be constrained by limitations, improvisation, the creation of social value, stakeholder participation, and persuasion and community involvement. Our empirical data identifies three more constructs associated with social bricolage: distributed leadership/teamwork, dynamic capabilities, and legitimacy (trust and reputation).

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