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Anand Singh Rajawat, Pradeep Bedi, S B Goyal, Sandeep Kautish, Zhang Xihua, Hanan Aljuaid, Ali Wagdy Mohamed

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Research Article

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Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience

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There are several issues associated with Dark Web Structural Patterns mining (including many redundant and irrelevant information), which increases the numerous types of cybercrime like illegal trade, forums, terrorist activity, and illegal online shopping. Understanding online criminal behavior is challenging because the data is available in a vast amount. To require an approach for learning the criminal behavior to check the recent request for improving the labeled data as a user profiling, Dark Web Structural Patterns mining in the case of multidimensional data sets gives uncertain results. Uncertain classification results cause a problem of not being able to predict user behavior. Since data of multidimensional nature has feature mixes, it has an adverse influence on classification. The data associated with Dark Web inundation has restricted us from giving the appropriate solution according to the need. In the research design, a Fusion NN (Neural network)-S3VM for Criminal Network activity prediction model is proposed based on the neural network; NN- S3VM can improve the prediction.

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