Evaluating local strains of soybean and corn cultivars in the diets of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus): growth and insulin-like growth factor 1, intestinal health, and inflammation features

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Center for Applied Research on the Environment & Sustainability

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Ibrahim I. Al-Hawary , Zizy I. Elbialy , Dina Basem Barsem , Ahmad Abdel-Mawgood , Abdallah S. Sallah , Tarik S. Rabie , Doaa H. Assar, Mahmoud A.O. Dawood

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Research Article

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Annals of Animal Science

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Fall 10-1-2022




Recently, the high cost of aquafeed affected fish farming feasibility in some countries, including Egypt. The imported soybean meal and corn ingredients consume a large amount of the hard currency, thereby increasing feed prices. Thus, the current study investigated the different sources of soybean and corn on the performances of Nile tilapia. Fish were fed with diet I (based on Egyptian soybean meal cultivar and cornmeal cultivar) or diet II (based on imported soybean meal cultivar and cornmeal cultivar) in a 90-day feeding trial. The results showed no marked effects on the growth performance, protein efficacy ratio, and FCR in the case of fish-fed diet I or diet II. No histological alterations were observed in the skeletal muscle, hepatopancreas, spleen, and intestines, while the diet I-fed group showed normal architecture of the above-listed organs. The expression of liver and muscle IGF-1 showed no changes in fish fed diet I or diet II. No diet-related variations were observed in IL-1β expression in the spleen but increased regulation in the liver of the diet II group compared to the diet I group. Furthermore, significant upregulation of SOD and HSP70 genes was seen in the spleen and liver of the diet II-fed group. We conclude that the inclusion of the Egyptian soybean meal cultivar and cornmeal cultivar (diet I) did not reduce the growth performance and immune-related genes compared with the imported soybean meal cultivar and cornmeal cultivar (diet II)

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