Numerical investigation of a novel solar cell based on a modified perovskite with PPP polymer

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Physics Department

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S. Yasin, M. Moustafa

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Research Article

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Optical Materials

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Fall 11-1-2022




In this paper, a new, highly efficient and eco-friendly solar cell device based on a modified perovskite material from CsMAFA, with a polymer as an absorber layer, is modelled and simulated by utilizing the SCAPS-1D. An encouraging conversion power efficiency of 23.5% is achieved by optimizing several core parameters in the absorber layer and the device structure. The obtained results show remarkable progress in the solar cell per- formance by increasing the absorber layer’s thickness. Indeed, increasing the thickness to 1000 nm is desirable to promote the light absorption process and solar cell efficiency. High doping density in the absorber layer adversely impacted solar cell performance. Additionally, increasing the defect density above 1 × 1016 cm

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