Ultra-broadband MIR super absorber using all silicon metasurface of triangular doped nanoprisms

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Physics Department

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Mostafa Abdelsalam, Mohamed A Swillam

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Research Article

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Scientific Reports

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Summer 8-31-2022




Thermo-electric generation offers to be a solid candidate for both dealing with the temperature problems of photo-voltaic cells and increasing its total output power. However, it requires an efficient broadband absorber to harness the power found in the near and mid-infrared regions. In this work, we discuss a new structure of nanoprisms that are made of doped silicon that acts as an ultra-broadband absorber in both regions. We also discuss the effect of the doping concentration. Additionally, we study the effect of a pure silicon thin film on top of the prisms. Finally, we’re able to find an optimized structure that can absorb 92.6% of the input power from 1 to 15μm.

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