Assessment of Sustainable Green Lightweight Concrete Incorporated in New Construction Technologies

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Construction Engineering Department

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Fahad K. Alqahtani, Mohamed A. Sherif, Amr M. Ghanem, Ibrahim S. Abotaleb

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Research Article

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KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering

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Fall 10-11-2022




Recent studies have led to the development of approaches for recycling plastic waste and using it as an alternative for natural aggregates in concrete. The studies mainly focused on the material properties and sustainability aspects of such implementation, with little focus on the financial implications and the technical feasibility. The purpose of this research is to investigate the different lifecycle costs associated with the use of green recycled plastic lightweight aggregates (GLACs) in concrete construction in different structural systems. For that purpose, the authors evaluated a concrete structure with several variable design systems and conducted structural design once using conventional concrete and once using concrete with recycled plastic aggregates, resulting in a total of 36 distinct scenarios. The lifetime cost analysis was performed on such scenarios. Finally, a sensitivity analysis was carried out to determine how structural characteristics and critical element costs influence cost-effectiveness. According to the findings, this approach can save up to 6% in life-cycle expenses. The findings of this research will contribute to the upcoming paradigm shift of using recycled plastic in concrete, which will reduce the environmental impacts of both the concrete and plastic industries while also assisting developers in lowering their life cycle costs.

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