Theoretical analysis for the fluctuation in the electric parameters of the electroporated cells before and during the electrofusion

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Electronics & Communications Engineering Department

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Sameh Sherif, Yehya H. Ghallab , Yehea Ismail

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Research Article

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Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing

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Fall 10-19-2022




An electric pulse with a sufficient amplitude can lead to electroporation of intracellular organelles. Also, the electric field can lead to electrofusion of the neighboring cells. In this paper, a finite element mathematical model was used to simulate the distribution, radius, and density of the pores. We simulated a mathematical model of the two neighbor cells to analyze the fluctuation in the electroporation parameters before the electrofusion under the ultra-shorted electric field pulse (i.e., impulse signal) for each cell separately and after the electrofusion under the ultra-shorted pulse. The analysis of the temporal and spatial distribution can lead to improving the mathematical models that are used to analyze both electroporation and electrofusion. The study combines the advantages of the nanosecond pulse to avoid the effect of the cell size on the electrofusion and the large-pore radius at the contact point between the cells.

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