A perspective from the global south on concepts in migration studies

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Public Policy & Administration Department

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Ibrahim Awad

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Research Article

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Ethnic and Racial Studies

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Winter 1-27-2023




The concepts discussed in the book suggest an area of migration studies narrower than it really is. The concepts are those guiding research and policy in immigration experiences, especially in Western Europe. The focus on immigration experiences alone leaves migration studies standing on one leg alone. Especially if an integrated global perspective is adopted, emigration experiences cannot be left out of migration studies. Significant concepts in studies of immigration may be irrelevant to those on emigration. Cohesion is an example. The same concepts may be expressive of different, at times opposite, issues in studies of emigration and immigration. This applies to labour migration, not discussed in the book. Dissimilar meanings of concepts are also substantial in the study of immigration in different regions. The history, population volume and ethnic structure, and the geographic delimitations of the concerned states give different, at times opposite, meanings to cohesion, diversity, integration and identity.

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