Atmospheric turbulent effects on the propagation properties of a general model vortex higher-order Cosh-Gaussian beam

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Physics Department

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Ahmed Abdulrab Ali Ebrahim, Mohamed A Swillam, Abdelmajid Belafhal

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Research Article

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Optical and Quantum Electronics

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Spring 2-5-2023




The propagation properties for a General Model vortex Higher-order cosh-Gaussian beam (GMvHchGB) propagating in a turbulent atmosphere studied in detail. Based on the Huygens-Fresnel diffraction principle, the analytical formula of the intensity evolution for the considered beam traveling in turbulent atmosphere is derived at various propagation distances. The derived equation provides a general convenient procedure to describe the propagation characteristics to some particular beams travelling through free space/atmospheric turbulence such as a fundamental Gaussian, Cosh-Gaussian, vortex Cosh-Gaussian and higher-order Cosh-Gaussian beams. The impact of the incident parameters as Gaussian waist, Cosh parameter, wavelength, hollowness and order of the beam are numerically verified. Our study proven that the beams maintain their intensity focused over long propagation distances. Therefore, they will be useful in long-distance free-space optical communication applications.

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