Development of superpave regional implementation framework in developing countries with hot and arid climates: Egyptian case study

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Construction Engineering Department

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Safwan Khedr, Maram Saudy

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Research Article

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Case Studies in Construction Materials

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Summer 7-1-2023




Superpave proved its superiority over other conventional methods. The Superpave system with its fundamental and flexible nature is capable of integrating more promising solutions to pavement problems. Developing countries are still straggling to shift to the Superpave system due to its complexity; as it heavily relies on fundamentals and needs substantial experience and a supporting data bank to be implemented. This research aims at developing a framework to implement Superpave in developing countries addressing the expected challenges and mitigating them. This framework is an initiative step towards the full implementation of the Superpave system in developing countries. The framework is successfully developed and then implemented in Egypt as a case study to verify and validate its applicability in developing countries with prevailing hot and arid climates.

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