Health outcome inequities and the health system: A case study of Egypt

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Social Research Center (SRC)

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Hassan H.M. Zaky, Somaya Ahmed Aly Abdel-Mowla

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Research Article

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Research in World Economy

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Winter 1-10-2011




The documentation of health outcome inequities between population groups and/or geographical areas is important to provide evidence for policy actions and for promoting health equity. This paper aims to support the development of a data base on health inequities, consisting of indicators based on aspects of the wider health system, including health inputs, process and outcome indicators. A framework for the health system indicators is used as well as equity measures are applied to highlight inequities in health outcomes and link them to inequities in the health system to answer the question of whether the health system in Egypt is pro-disadvantaged groups. It is found that health outcome inequities pose a challenge for Egypt. Analyzing both determinants and symptoms of health outcome inequities in Egypt demonstrates that the current health system does not help reduce such inequities; on the contrary it leads to increase them.

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