Changes in the Demographic Profile of the Egyptian Population: Prospects and Implications

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Social Research Center (SRC)

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Zeinab Khadr

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Research Article

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Winter 3-2-2013



Currently, Egypt is experiencing significant age structure changes that will have major implications for its socioeconomic development. Continuing declines in mortality, combined with recent rapid declines in fertility offer Egypt the potential for a demographic dividend on one hand and rapid pace aging process on the other. Although the demographic dividend is considered a gift for many developing countries, it is not permanent. Therefore, it is essential that Egypt seizes this gift and channel it toward national development. At the same time, the rapid pace population ageing combined with the ongoing social and economic changes can result in eroding some of the main traditional sources of support needed for the welfare of the rapidly increasing ageing cohorts. Confronting and benefiting of these two new emerging demographic phenomena requires the adoption of new strategies. These new strategies should secure better the needed labor market skills for the new generations to enable them to compete in the global labor market and hence achieve the full potential of the demographic dividend. They are also required to secure a better quality of life for the ageing population and enable them to work and live independently in their own communities.

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