Benefit-incidence analysis of government spending on Ministry of Health outpatient services in Jordan

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Social Research Center (SRC)

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Halasa, Yara, Heba Nassar, Hassan Zaky

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Research Article

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Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal

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A benefit–incidence analysis was conducted for the year 2000 using various data sources including the Jordan healthcare utilization and expenditure survey 2000. The results illustrate that the poorest segment of the Jordanian population were the most likely to report sickness and seek treatment and were the main users of the Ministry of Health outpatient services. The poorest uninsured individuals were the main source of revenues generated through user fees. The targeting efficiency (i.e. total percentage of benefits received) for the poorest quintile was 33.8% compared with 4.0% in the richest quintile. The analysis demonstrates that the Jordanian government in-kind subsidy is reaching the poor

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