Is access to neighborhood green space associated with BMI among Egyptians? A multilevel study of Cairo neighborhoods

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Social Research Center (SRC)

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Mona Mowafi, Zeinab Khadr, Gary Bennett, Allan Hill, Ichiro Kawachi , S.V. Subramanian

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Research Article

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Health & Place - Elsevier

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Spring 1-3-2012




Evidence of a link between green space and obesity has increased in the developed world, but few studies have been conducted in the developing world. Our study tests whether availability of neighborhood green space is associated with BMI among adults in Cairo, Egypt. Using data from the 2007 Cairo Urban Inequity Study, we conducted multilevel analyses and found no significant green space-BMI association, leading us to conclude that this intervention may not be as promising in this developing world context as it has been in some western urban contexts. Other aspects of the urban environment should be evaluated to better understand neighborhood variations in obesity in Cairo.

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