Sustainable and Inclusive Business Strategies: The Case of Mumm

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El Khazendar Business Research and Case Center

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Nellie El Enany; Hend Mostafa

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Research Article

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Fall 1-11-2018



Mumm is an entrepreneurial start-up venture co-founded and managed by entrepreneur Waleed Abd El Rahman. Launched in 2016, the venture provides food catering delivered to consumers’ doorsteps, ordered through their website ‘’ or through their mobile application. Food is cooked by women (or men) called “mums” at their homes and marketed as healthy and affordable. The business venture of Mumm gained traction as its business model aimed to uphold civic engagement and social responsibility through empowering women, providing career opportunities by utilizing a latent workforce, and especially for aiding unemployed Syrian refugees in the country. The demonstration of the effectiveness of sustainable and inclusive business activities (SIBA) on the triple-bottom line framework pattern promotes an example for expanding such activities to the majority of companies operating in Egypt. Given the economic situation and current business problems of the country, a sense of comradery in promoting such activities along this value chain and across the different industries (engaging stakeholders) may prove to be a key in solving Egypt’s current crises.

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