Technology Park Company: Harvesting the Fruits of a Family Business

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El Khazendar Business Research and Case Center

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Ashraf Sheta; Gamila Khaled Ibrahim; Ahmed Moustafa Darwich; Ali Yehia Fouda; Farah Tarek El Misalami

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Research Article

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Spring 2-5-2022



The case addresses Technology Park Company a privately-owned company working in the field of IT. The case starts with a background about the entrepreneur, and his journey to success. It moves through a timeline, which started in Cairo, then USA, and then back to Egypt again. The founding entrepreneur possesses a vast experience in the field of IT. However, he is faced with a lot challenges in his business due to the fast changes happening in the industry. Some of the major concerns related to the family business challenges are discussed, these include: succession, involvement of partners, and finally separation of management from ownership.

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