Smart bi-metallic perovskite nanofibers as selective and reusable sensors of nano-level concentrations of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

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Mona A. Mohamed; Menna M. Hasan; Ibrahim H. Abdullah; Ahmed M. Abdellah; Ali M. Yehia; Nashaat Ahmed; Walaa Abbas; Nageh K. Allam

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A strategy for trace-level carbon-based electrochemical sensors is investigated via exploring the interesting properties of BaNb2O6 nanofibers (NFs). Utilizing adsorptive stripping square wave voltammetry (ASSWV), an electrochemical sensing platform was developed based on BaNb2O6 nanofibers-modified carbon paste electrode (CPE) for the sensitive detection of lornoxicam (LOR). Different techniques were used to characterize the fabricated BaNb2O6 perovskite NFs. The obtained data show the feasibility to electro-oxidize LOR and paracetamol (PAR) on the surface of the fabricated sensor. The amount of nanofiber and testing conditions were optimized using response surface methodology and ASSWV technique. The optimized BaNb2O6/CPE sensor exhibits low detection limit of 6.39 × 10−10 mol L−1, even in the presence of the co-formulated drug paracetamol (PAR). The sensor was successfully applied for biological applications.

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