Securing Wargames System using Effective Virtual Private Network

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Computer Science & Engineering Department

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Tarek S. Sobh; Awad Hassaballah Khalil

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Research Article

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Recent Patents on Computer Science

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Nowadays, most of the governments and military agencies are using wargames. Data breaches using cyber wargames have mounted to an alarming level and heavy pressure on systems. Effective Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used as an important measure to secure data transmission against cyber incidents. By using VPN, organizations are able to transfer their services securely over the Internet. Methods: Recent publications and patent are reviewed to find new techniques developed for using a VPN to move non-secure public network resources into a secure private network in order to get maximum benefits. Results: The aim of this work is to customize a standard VPN to a new extended one. The new extended software is called EVPNSWS (Effective VPN for Securing Wargames System). EVPNSWS is applied for wargames application. Wargame is applied to work with the wired and wireless connection. In case of wireless connection, EVPNSWS enables ad-hoc VPNs scenarios. Both fighting sides of wargames application by using EVPNSWS transmit a small data size through web-based application system. Implementation results tell us EVPNSWS able to transfer data between two sides of wargames with the same security level in a reasonable time. Conclusion: EVPNSWS is suitable for both fighting sides of wargames application. It enables ad-hoc VPNs because it is easy to configure and install. Transmission time for both sides of wargame is reasonable particularly with transmitting small data size. EVPNSWS was not built for a specific target environment so it is scalable, you can use it in other environments. Finally, all these benefits are achieved with the same security level.

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