Rotating charged AdS solutions in quadratic f(T) gravity

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Adel M. Awad; G. G.L. Nashed; W. El Hanafy

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Research Article

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European Physical Journal C

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We present a class of asymptotically anti-de Sitter charged rotating black hole solutions in f(T) gravity in N-dimensions, where f(T) = T+ αT2. These solutions are nontrivial extensions of the solutions presented in Lemos (Phys Lett B 353:46–51. arXiv:gr-qc/9404041, 1995) and Awad (Class Quantum Gravity 20:2827–2834. arXiv:hep-th/0209238, 2003) in the context of general relativity. They are characterized by cylindrical, toroidal or flat horizons, depending on global identifications. The static charged black hole configurations obtained in Awad et al. (JHEP 07:136. arXiv:1706.01773, 2017) are recovered as special cases when the rotation parameters vanish. Similar to Awad et al. (JHEP 07:136. arXiv:1706.01773, 2017) the static black holes solutions have two different electric multipole terms in the potential with related moments. Furthermore, these solutions have milder singularities compared to their general relativity counterparts. Using the conserved charges expressions obtained in Ulhoa and Spaniol (Int J Mod Phys D 22:1350069. arXiv:1303.3144, 2013) and Maluf and Ulhoa (Gen Relativ Grav 41:1233–1247. arXiv:0810.1934, 2009) we calculate the total mass/energy and the angular momentum of these solutions.

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