Responsive Open Spaces for Children in Residential Communities in Cairo: A Child Participatory Approach

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Architecture Department

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Marwa M. Ahmed; Indjy M. Shawket; Hisham S. Gabr; Mohamed M. Dorra

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Research Article

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International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology

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Following the current trend of global urbanization and the growing attraction of cities with families, urban environments have become major contexts in which a new generation of children are growing. Due to the lack of community investment in this area, and the lack of interest in taking the opinion of the child in designing open spaces by participating in the knowledge base for the design,, the ability of civil society to link children with outdoor spaces and the nature surrounding them have decreased. This problem has dramatically reduced proper daily contact of children with urban spaces and nature. This analytical study focuses on the most important needs of the child within the open spaces in the new residential neighborhoods of Egypt by applying child participation methods to achieve child-friendly spaces. A series of workshops held in Cairo tracked the way children participate. The results reflect the needs of children in their outdoor spaces and how could the designer accommodate them.

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