Public Administration in the Middle East and North Africa

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Public Policy & Administration Department

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John Dixon; Shahjahan Bhuiyan; Yılmaz Üstüner

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Research Article

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International Journal of Public Administration

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This article highlights the objective of the special issue which is to understand the status of public administration in six profiled countries–Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Turkey–in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The special issue explores public administration as a concept—the diversity of guiding general principles that determines how governments administer the affairs of state in the context of their governance frameworks—and as praxis—the diversity of public administration structures, procedures and practice, and reform initiatives. It is evident that the countries profiled have adopted a mode of public administration and governance that mirrors its history, and its cultural, geo-political, socio-economic, and conflictive environments. In this context, the editors hope that the articles presented in this special issue will contribute to advancing the public administration literature in MENA.

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